The Modest Islamic Fashion Designer

I just wanted to share a little about myself before I started ‘officially’ posting, so here goes…

Who is Fahima Miah?

I am a UK based dreamer with an undying love for fashion and a desire to start my own modest clothing collection in the very near future, inshaAllah.  I currently write the PIZZAZZ column and Fashion Spreads for SISTERS Magazine, have written for Saverah Women and am a contributor for Orris Magazine.

Why blog now?

This blog will capture all of the latest trends and will translate them into modest friendly fashion to inspire you.  Although I write various fashion articles, I thought it would be nice to be able to keep everything in one nice digestible blog for you all to read and flick through in your spare time.

InshaAllah, this will also document the process I take towards creating my own collection, so stay tuned because big things are coming, inshaAllah.