The Nude Pink Pearl ‘Abaya Dress
The Nude Pink Pearl ‘Abaya Dress
The Nude Pink Pearl ‘Abaya Dress
The Nude Pink Pearl ‘Abaya Dress

It all started with a pearl-encrusted motif

The nude pink pearl ‘abaya was a beauty waiting to be made. A few years back, I purchased a fabulous motif headband that was encrusted in pearls and gems, against a nude-toned felt backing. Luckily enough, it was on sale for around £2 (I think), so I bought two, with the intention of creating an ‘abaya for these two motifs to sit proudly upon.

The nude pink silk effect luxurious material

Perhaps like many of you, I am an avid collector of fabulous materials. Always thinking up what I can create next, I love spending time trawling through reams of fabrics waiting to find that exquisite 2 and a half meter piece. Without necessarily thinking about pairing the motifs with such a material, I stumbled upon a gorgeous silk-touch nude pink material. This material was thick, not see-through and yet luxuriously soft to touch. It was silk-like, yet wouldn’t slip around too much, which was pretty perfect in my opinion, as I hate slippery materials – they’re just so hard to sew with. I knew this would make a lovely ‘abaya, as it was the ideal weight of fabric and was not sheer in the slightest!

Upon purchase, in the back of my mind, I knew I had the perfect set of motifs to pair with this ‘abaya at home.

The waiting game

It was only a matter of time before I would create this nude pink ‘abaya dress. The sad thing is, I didn’t actually start stitching the ‘abaya until just before Ramadhan 2017. This was due to a number of reasons. First of all, I only really like to sew when its on my own terms, not because someone is pressuring me to meet a deadline and not because I feel like I should be sewing, in order to improve on this skill. However, due to this lack of urgency, especially seeing as it was a dress for myself, I would just leave it on the back burner . In addition to this, I was in the middle of other projects, like my sister’s green and gold zipped shirt dress and on top of that, my sewing machine had a bit of a meltdown, which meant it had to be taken to the repair shop for some much-needed sewing machine TLC. So, despite knowing exactly what I wanted to create, it would still be a matter of time before I could actually get my hands on the final piece.

The final nude pink pearl ‘abaya

Maybe a couple of months down the line and here we have it! I decided to create a loose-fit A-line ‘abaya with slightly tapered sleeves that were encrusted with my beautiful pearl motifs. I had dabbled with the idea of placing the motifs on the shoulder part of the sleeves – similar to how you would find on an asian-style churidar dress, but it looked stunning on the end of the sleeves! Of course, I created this ‘abaya with a small round crew neck – big enough to get my head into without the need to insert a zip or button fastening, yet modest enough to feel like my whole neck wouldn’t be exposed.

A work in progress?

Although this ‘abaya is technically ‘finished’, I still want to add to it. I was thinking of giving this ‘abaya a truly pearl crushed look by adding an assortment of pearls and perhaps even few stone gems in an array of sizes, going from large embellishments towards the bottom of the ‘abaya to smaller more intricate ones towards the knee-level area of the abaya. This ‘abaya is quite Arabian deep-sea diver inspired, so I think the addition of a few pearls and stones to create gradient embellished effect would be quite nice.

What do you think? Should I add the pearls to this ‘abaya and make it a bit more jazzy, or should I just leave it as it is and call it a day? Leave your thoughts in the poll below – your thoughts would be most appreciated!

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That’s it for now, but please let me know if you enjoyed reading this blog and please leave any comments or feedback at the bottom for me! Jazaakh Allahu khair 🙂

P.S. I will be updating this gallery with the final process pictures of my dress!