So I started my first official collection – kicking things off with a lovely structured mustard neoprene ‘abaya!

Why neoprene for an ‘abaya?

Because why not ??‍♀️ Neoprene is an excellent material, in that it’s not figure hugging and really stands on its own and keeps its own structure. Pleats, folds, you name it – they hold strong! ??

Where can you wear a golden mustard ‘abaya?

This is perfect for weddings, parties, akikas, zhul bhats, BBQ parties, need I say more?

One point to mention is that this fabric is padded, or has a cushioned feel – so it m would be best word in cooler seasons.

Mustard ‘abaya in the making

Check out the full process of making the mustard ‘abaya from start to finish here. Remember – this piece will be available for purchase, and any feedback is always welcome!