How to Start your own Modest Islamic Fashion Label

Today I think I can say I actually took a productive step towards achieving my goal of launching my own modest Islamic fashion label.  I know it’s going to be a long process, but after years and years of saying *and praying* my fashion label will set off, I can finally say that today, I actually made some progress towards making this happen, in shaa Allah.

Lacking the motivation to become an Islamic Fashion Designer

I have recently graduated and now finally have the time to carve out my own niche in the Islamic fashion world.  For years I have been gathering materials and tools but have always found myself lost as to where to even begin.  I’d get a sudden urge to sew and make an ‘abaya, but instead of just making a standard ‘abaya, I’d want to really make it my own and put my own twist on the traditional one-piece.  So, of course, I’d have to start by sketching out what kind of design I wanted on my ‘abaya, but then this would require inspiration of some sort – some good old artist research.  Where better to go than Pinterest?  So there I am on Pinterest, and then I’d start to get side-tracked thinking about what my logo would be like and what my packaging would be like (I’m a sucker for packaging and typefaces) and before I knew it, hours would have gone by – hours that I could have spent designing or sewing!!! The sad thing is that this isn’t just a ‘one-off’ case, it’d happen most of the time.

It all starts with a sketchbook

A couple of months ago it finally occurred to me that I had to start this designing process by creating a sketchbook! Everyone knows that a sketchbook maps out your journey towards creating your final piece – and a map was something I could really use.  After starting my artist research I had found that there were two pathways I wanted to take with my first collection: traditional embroidery and pure embellishment.  However, after starting this initial artist research, I found myself putting my fashion career on the  back-burner, once again.

However, today, I decided to actually start sketching!  AlhamduliLlah!  I have to admit, it was really daunting picking up a graphite stick for the first time in 3-4 years, but I did it!  So, I started my designing process by drawing out some snowdrops.  I just love how they droop down and have such pure white petals and emerald green stems.

In shaa Allah I’ll carry on sketching, but the next step is to undertake some primary research by taking my own pictures.  I think for the time being I will focus on flowers, but we shall see where this will lead me to, in shaa Allah…

How do you stay focused and motivated?

I’d really appreciate it if you could comment below any tips you use to help keep your mind focused on the end goal.

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