Fahima Miah Abaya Inspiration

Haute Elan is one of the most talked about businesses in the modest fashion industry today. Founders of London Modest Fashion Week, this fabulous company houses a number of modest fashion brands all under one site.

In this blog, I have picked out a few inspirational ‘abayas that I really like, each for different reasons. The designers behind each of these ‘abayas have incorporated a number of techniques in their pieces and in this article I will be highlighting why I am head-over-heels for these techniques and why I might want to incorporate some of them into my own capsule collection.


Fahima Inspiration Tassle Abaya

The Tassel ‘Abaya

This is a stunning dark ‘abaya with a fun Moroccan inspired twist. The teal and light blue tassels add a fun flare to this ‘abaya and instantly turn this everyday dark-toned ‘abaya into an extra special gown for a special event. This ‘abaya would be lovely all year round and isn’t a bad price, considering it has all the bells and whistles (or tassels ?).

I think I’m going to have to order some tassel embellishments to add a touch of ethnic flamboyance to my collection, thanks to this! These tassel embellishments would work well with a few gold beads.

Get it before it’s gone: Store WF, Tassel ‘Abaya, £85
Extra details: Rayon fabric, 150cm.


Fahima Inspiration Patterned Abaya

The Pussy Bow ‘Abaya Style Maxi

I love the daring yet classy print on this maxi style ‘abaya dress. The colours are quite muted and are not so ‘in your face’, which really makes this piece very wearable for a number of occasions. This could even make quite a nice layering piece that could be built on. Sadly this piece is now out-of-stock! ?

I love the fact that this ‘abaya has a botanical print on it and think it might be quite nice to try and re-create this pattern using hand-embroidery.

Purchase details: Store WF, Pussy Bow Maxi Long Sleeve Dress, £43
Extra details: Polyester and linen rayon fabric, 145cm.

Fahima Inspiration Neoprene AbayaThe Maliha ‘Abaya

Neoprene fabric is a secret favourite of mine, as it can give any item of clothing a lot of structure. Not only this, but I also really like the use of gems on this ‘abaya and the fact that it’s a midnight blue, almost purplish, colour. Sorry girls, this piece is out-of-stock too! ?

Purchase details: Maslea, Maliha ‘Abaya, £32.50
Extra details: Neoprene fabric, size 54 / 58.

Fahima Inspiration Dustry Peach AbayaThe Balmain Open Jacket ‘Abaya

You can probably tell already, I love a good jewel or ten on my ‘abayas. This open jacket ‘abaya is particularly gorgeous as it has a combination of textures – both pleats and straight fabric. I am definitely one for different textures, so this is something I would like to bring into my own collection. I also love the combination of the pearls against the dusty powdered peach colour of the fabric.

Get it before it’s gone: Abaya Buth, Balmain Open Jacket Abaya, £89.99
Extra details: Polyester fabric, button fastening from the neck to below the knee.

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